Our Focus

Mission Statement
Our mission is to pursue excellence in providing therapeutic treatment, psychological evaluation and consultation. We aspire to relieve suffering and promote healthy relationships through high quality and accessible services. We hope to help individuals grow through an integrative approach that considers psychological, spiritual, physical and relational perspectives.

What We Do
We provide psychological services for children, adolescents and adults. Individual needs are considered within the context of family, work, church, academic and community systems. An emphasis is placed on understanding how needs in areas such as legal, educational, church and medical interact with the psychological process of the person.

Our Emphasis
We focus on the growth and function of the whole person as they interact within their environment. A key emphasis in treatment or evaluation is maintaining the confidentiality of the patient. Referrals are coordinated with local, county, state and federal agencies only when it is deemed appropriate and only with proper authorization from each individual being treated.